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First of all: Thank You So Much for visiting my site, and a special hello to my followers.

Here's my FAQ! As in Frequently Asked. If you see it here, I probably won't answer directly.

Asks: As a rule, I answer Tumblr users privately - unless you say to publish it here.

Submits: Not sure what to do with them yet, but I welcome your submissions. My main site is all images - almost all of them of me. Asks and other content will end up on this sub-blog.

Me: All Natural Female. Hetero. Married with Children. 40-Something. 5'2".

Breast Size: This Information is Classified.

Feet: USA 6

Where: Rocky Mountains, USA. There are clues in some pics, but I will neither confirm nor deny my exact location.

"Can we see your _____" and other pic requests: Well, there is a certain theme to my site. I try to keep it somewhat classy with a pinch of nasty here and there. I'm always looking for ideas, but I won't go much further than what you see.

Can I buy your panties? Yes. E-mail me. They're Fantastic.

So you`ll treat us?

So you`ll be extra naughty and treat us to a pic of you sniffing another womans panties ? 

*we’ll see *
— 3 weeks ago
I agree

if you did sniff another womens panties that would be hot, and very naughty.

* Indeed! *

— 3 weeks ago with 1 note
do you sniff other womens panties?

love to see a pic of you doing this

* Same question, twice in one day. *

— 3 weeks ago with 1 note
Sniffing panties

Do you ever sniff other women’s panties? If so would you be able to send a pic if you and the woman who’s panties they are. , that would really really be unreal

* I only like my own panties.*

— 3 weeks ago with 3 notes
Anonymous asked: Are you willing to fuck a man of colour?


Ready, willing, and able!

— 1 month ago with 2 notes
Anonymous asked: I LOVE YOUR ASS!!


I love hearing that!

— 1 month ago with 1 note
Anonymous asked: Might we see a clip of you using that toy.


You might…

— 1 month ago with 3 notes
Anonymous asked: im 20yo guy. i love to fuck you and having u masturbing me whit yours dirty wet panties all days and nights. making u cum on my face during oral sex is my biggest wish right now <3 cum for me. make your cum cover my bosy for complit


Your wish is my command.

— 2 months ago with 1 note
Anonymous asked: You have some nice panties


Nice and wet. ♡

— 2 months ago with 2 notes

Kiss,sexy mom,nice blog!!

*Thank you my dear!*

— 2 months ago with 1 note