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First of all: Thank You So Much for visiting my site, and a special hello to my followers.

Here's my FAQ! As in Frequently Asked. If you see it here, I probably won't answer directly.

Asks: As a rule, I answer Tumblr users privately - unless you say to publish it here.

Submits: Not sure what to do with them yet, but I welcome your submissions. My main site is all images - almost all of them of me. Asks and other content will end up on this sub-blog.

Me: All Natural Female. Hetero. Married with Children. 40-Something. 5'2".

Breast Size: This Information is Classified.

Feet: USA 6

Where: Rocky Mountains, USA. There are clues in some pics, but I will neither confirm nor deny my exact location.

"Can we see your _____" and other pic requests: Well, there is a certain theme to my site. I try to keep it somewhat classy with a pinch of nasty here and there. I'm always looking for ideas, but I won't go much further than what you see.

Can I buy your panties? Yes. E-mail me. They're Fantastic.

Anonymous asked: I like that you've gotten really bold over time. Do you swing?


only from the rafters ..

— 1 month ago with 1 note
Anonymous asked: You are so damn sexy and your husband has a very hot cock I'd love to see more of his cock yummmm!!!!



— 1 month ago
Anonymous asked: You kindly answered my question about pantyhose a bit ago, but now I find that I can't submit the resulting pictures anonymously.


I’ve received anonymous submits, so I know it is possible. But I suck at technical support. 

— 1 month ago
It’s official……you are lovely

Quite possibly the sexiest lady here on Tumblr. You look stunning in pantyhose. I’d love a taste of you…..
Thanks for sharing, and please keep up the good work. x

*Ooh… I am so publishing this..!*

— 1 month ago with 2 notes

Thank you for all the hot pics, love your dirty, smelly gussets, love the pics with your dirty panties around your ankles too,

Keep up the good work.

*you are so very welcome!*

— 2 months ago with 1 note
Anonymous asked: I had sex with many women, even with my mom , my grandma , my aunt, but you only make me burn , melt without that touch you. Are you God?


Succubus .. now you know. 

— 2 months ago with 1 note
Anonymous asked: Loving your occasional fucking posts- will you can treat us fans to the occasional "cum on your panties" photo?


Any volunteers? 

— 2 months ago with 1 note

I really like your photos and you are so hot. I am a panty addict for years and like the wet spot pics you do. I used to smell my  wife’s panties all the time because she would let guys do her and come home with cum in her pants. She would try to hide it and I would “find” her indiscretion. It was a fun game. So I must say I love your site.

Wow..! thanks.. 

— 2 months ago
Anonymous asked: would you be willing to make a peeing vid for me? I love you beautiful pussy and especially your panties. A pee vid would make me cum so hard.


Who is this?

— 2 months ago with 1 note
Anonymous asked: I'm an aircraft mechanic. I'm sitting up on the plane and I just finished blowing a load into a napkin imagining I was fucking your pretty, moist, pink pussy. Thank goodness I'm done with my work.


How reassuring to know that our airplanes are so well taken care of.

— 3 months ago with 1 note