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First of all: Thank You So Much for visiting my site, and a special hello to my followers.

Here's my FAQ! As in Frequently Asked. If you see it here, I probably won't answer directly.

Asks: As a rule, I answer Tumblr users privately - unless you say to publish it here.

Submits: Not sure what to do with them yet, but I welcome your submissions. My main site is all images - almost all of them of me. Asks and other content will end up on this sub-blog.

Me: All Natural Female. Hetero. Married with Children. 40-Something. 5'2".

Breast Size: This Information is Classified.

Feet: USA 6

Where: Rocky Mountains, USA. There are clues in some pics, but I will neither confirm nor deny my exact location.

"Can we see your _____" and other pic requests: Well, there is a certain theme to my site. I try to keep it somewhat classy with a pinch of nasty here and there. I'm always looking for ideas, but I won't go much further than what you see.

Can I buy your panties? Yes. E-mail me. They're Fantastic.

pantysmeller asked: All you have to do is tell me where I can find them and youll be missing all your dirty panties


They’re on my bedroom floor. x

— 13 hours ago with 2 notes
bigk9 asked: OMG! I could literally kiss you all over your perfect and beautiful body from head to toe! You're so classy and elegant! Not to mention enchantingly beautiful! Those eyes could make me do anything!


* Love this! Made me swoon.. *

— 1 day ago

I know you are pretty sure men have secretly have a sniff of those sexy panties of yours , but what about other women ??? You should set a honey trap and see if they move when other women come round. !!!
I bet they would be as horny as most men .

* hmmm..*
— 1 week ago with 1 note
legsluvr asked: Has your husband ever shared with another man either watching or participated? Great pics, I especially like your legs and toes in hose.


He has shared by helping me post naughty images of myself for the entire world to see.

— 1 week ago
mikes1956 asked: 8+ inches! Well that counts me out LOL. You must have a very nice deep pussy. Xx


The vagina is an amazing thing. It can pass an 8lb baby and still squeeze a 5”dick.

— 1 week ago with 1 note

Hi Pantymom. I just wanted to add my praises to your growing list of admirers. Such a sexy woman. I love all your photos, but in particular i have been enjoying the odd additional pic of you taken in your earlier days! Will you continue to add more?

*if I come across a cute one, I’ll post it*
— 2 weeks ago with 2 notes
Amazing again

I love your pics but souls still absolutely love to see you sniffing another woman’s panties , it would be the hottest thing ever please don’t tease xxxxx

* “Tease” is what I’m all about. *
— 2 weeks ago
Anonymous asked: Seriously considering buying a pair of your panties; just so I could get a smell/taste of your glorious snatch.


— 2 weeks ago
Anonymous asked: You are fucking delectable. Literally the hot mom everyone dreams of. Please share pictures of your breasts more, they look so great on your mature body. And the fucking and sucking pictures drive me wild.



— 2 weeks ago with 1 note
Your amazing

Amazing pics I would like to see you being naughty with another woman’s panties though

— 3 weeks ago